Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two poems for Sandy Hook School, Newtown, Connecticut

[for the parents]

Precious one, my heart’s delight,
I helped you choose your clothes,
Fed you, packed your lunch, zipped your coat,
And sent you on your way.

How far from me your way would take you
I couldn’t know.

Dear heart, sweet face, soft hair, wide eyes,
Never in my arms again.
Last night the hours crawled. How can I
Endure the years to come?

Bright laugh, young voice
Gone quiet now,
And all that’s left, a stillness bearing down
Like Atlas’s sky.  

[for the rest of us]

Not enough, the grief I feel.
Insufficient are my tears.
My sympathy is impotent,
Here where I sit, secure and safe,
Relieved that theirs was not my lot
While I muddle through my day’s work.
I am horrified for them,
But my feelings are inadequate.

These are my offerings:
Prayer that God be found at hand.
Gifts to causes that do good.
Support for justice, and for peace.
Pouring my heart in the words I write
So hope and dreams remain.
Above all, patience with my own,
So my actions teach and testify
Anger is best met in loving ways. 

© 2012, Julie Berry