Thursday, January 21, 2010

"In The Heights," "The Magician's Elephant," "Curse of the Bane"

We were lucky enough last night to go see "In the Heights," the Broadway musical, at the Boston Opera House with my niece. What a great show! Kyle Beltran as Usnavi was fantabulous. I can't imagine anyone doing the role any better. *Loved* his voice, his persona. Great sets, lighting, score, big music numbers, a terrific cast. Runs through the weekend; definitely go!

Just finished reading The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo today. The gorgeous cover illustrated by Yoko Tanaka made me grab it; the name Kate DiCamillo sure didn't hurt any. Sweet, elegant, brimful with affection for all its characters. It made me cry. Strongly recommended.

I'm working my way through Joseph Delaney's Last Apprentice series, and read Curse of the Bane a few days ago. If you enjoy tales of the macabre, or if you have a middle-school boy who does, these are worth their price.


  1. In the Heights looks awesome! I can't wait to read Magician's Elephant. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I really loved reading The Amaranth Enchantment :)

  2. I have been eyeing Magician's Elephant for a while!

    I gave you a blog award over at too! Hugs!

  3. Thanks for the reviews.

    I love Kate DiCamillo. That one's on my "to read" list next.

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