Monday, May 11, 2009

A pox upon me!

I intended, when The Amaranth Enchantment released, to chronicle the adventures of a first-time author on this blog. But it's been Swampsville! Nutty crazy travel, book events, and lots of crazy fun. It's been a two-month whirlwind. So I'm going to gradually attempt to fill in the blanks and turn over a new blogger leaf.

Book travels have taken me to Massachusetts, Utah, New York, and New Hampshire. I've presented to thousands of school children, hundreds of library and bookstore patrons, answered dozens of letters and emails and interview requests. I had no idea that this was what happened when a gal sets out to write stories. Much as the housework and yardwork and minutae of life are flagging, I love love love meeting readers. So it's all good.

Here's a happy-making review I saw today on

More to come! Incidentally, the photo is courtesy of


  1. Hmmm, what would it take to get a signed book WAAAAAY up here in North Pole, Alaska?

  2. Are you coming to Florida any time soon?

  3. Hey Alaska mom & Juju! Sorry I'm so slow getting back to you. I could mail you a signed bookplate if you email me your snail mail address, or, as some people have done, you could mail me a book with a postage paid return mailer inside. Happy to sign either way. And I wish I could come to Alaska, or Florida. Never set foot in either state. :)