Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to The Book Gargoyle, blogger home of Julie Berry, children's book author

Welcome to The Book Gargoyle, the official blog of Julie Berry, children's book author. My debut novel, The Amaranth Enchantment, releases March 3, 2009 from Bloomsbury Children's Books, with much fanfare and frivolity -- at least in the Berry home.
In the meantime, meet Priscilla, the gargoyle for whom this blog is named. She's the one with the book.

She's illustrated by my inimitable sister, Sally Faye. She lives on a bookmark, of which I've just ordered a squijillion copies, and as soon as I get my P.O. box figured out, anyone in the universe may have one for the asking -- autographed, even! -- if they'll send me a S.A.S.E. (That's a self-addressed stamped envelope, for anyone who's forgotten what stamps are for...)

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